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Sound Attenuation


AES, LLC is able to design, fabricate and install a wide variety of sound reducing partitions, curtains and blankets. We specialize in industrial sound abatement from compressors to large ball mills for the concrete industry. AES, LLC has fabricated custom designed sound blankets for rotary ball mills at the Lehigh Heildelberg Portland Cement Plant. AES, LLC designed and installed rigid perforated sound panels for a compressor in a high traffic area.

AES, LLC is also an approved applicator for ThermoCon Acoustical Spray and Pyrok Acoustical Plaster.

AES, LLC is an approved applicator of Mascoat’s Delta Db sound deadening spray applied coating. Specifically designed to reduce excessive sound from structural or mechanical noise, Delta Db Sound Damping Coating is a flexible, enviro-friendly coating that bonds directly to a wide range of surfaces. Comprised of noise suppressants encased in an acrylic binder, Delta Db is easily applied via brush, roll or spray methods.

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AES, LLC performs a wide range of life safety services in the firestopping market. AES, LLC has the capability to survey, design and assist in choosing a proper firestopping material and application for our customers needs. AES has the ability to perform firestopping on commercial and industrial applications for through wall penetrations, top of wall, bottom of wall, cable trays, floors and shaft walls. AES, LLC has a wide knowledge of proper UL designs and applications to assist our customers with the best system and value for their application. AES has the resources to obtain engineering judgments for non-conventional firestopping applications.

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AES, LLC performs a wide range of life safety services such as  fireproofing and fire rating materials for both commercial and industrial applications. AES, LLC is able to fire rate structural steel, decking, tube steel, tank legs, and vessels. AES is an approved applicator for the fire resistant coating Carboline,  and Albi Intumescent and Dri-Clad fireproofing .

AES, LLC has the ability to fire rate unconventional substraits such as wood joists, fiberglass panels, plaster walls, spray applied foam, tin ceiling panels, upgrade gypsum systems and many more assemblies for the commercial building industry. AES, LLC can aide in chosing the correct and most cost effective method of fire rating a structure or component.

With the ever changing regulations concerning passive fire protection it is necessary to have qualified professional contractor to rely on during these projects. AES, LLC. is increasingly called upon by architects and facility engineers to assist in evaluation and planning of fireproofing for their facilities.

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AES, LLC is a union insulation company with the professional skills to perform many different insulation projects from fiberglass, mineral wool on piping and duct work to tanks and boilers. AES, LLC is capable of fabricating and installing removable weather proof blankets for tanks, valves, ducts and piping. Metal lagging can be installed on a variety of equipment to protect the insulation from the elements.

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Jaxsan Roof Coatings

Jaxsan has been specifically designed and developed to solve the most common problems associated with conventional membrane and sealing systems.

Most existing membranes require joint details or laps and mechanical or chemical fastening techniques, which generally can be attributed to the membrane’s failure. The Jaxsan system is a monolithic membrane that has no seams and fully bonds to most substrates. It requires no joints, seams or fastening which eliminates the possibility of problems occurring in these areas.

Special Features of the Jaxsan Coatings:

• Jaxsan elasticity and flexibility allow for some movement of the underlying substrate. It is spray applied as a continuous, monolithic and seamless membrane.
• It is cold applied and does not require any potentially dangerous torches or kettles as required with conventional membranes.
• Safe for personnel and applicators
• Solvent free and does not emit any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
• Class “A” Fire Rating
• Cost-effective by cutting down on installation costs.
• Weight @ 60 mils thickness is 4 ounces per square foot
• Atmospheric application temperatures: 45 F to 110F
• 0.8 Reflectance and 0.9 Emittance
• 10/15 Limited Warranty included

Solving Today’s Environmental Problems


  • All water-based acrylic product
  • Non-toxic and no harmful odors or fumes
  • 55% solids: No solvents
  • Very high tear and tensile strength
  • UV stable
  • No VOC’s
  • Class A self-extinguishing fire rating
  • Airless spray applied, brush or roller.
  • Can be cold spray applied at ambient temperatures as low as 50 degrees F
  • 200% elongation
  • Jaxsan 602 is USDA approved for incidental food contact.
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Ceramic Insulation

Ceramic Insulation Systems are a radiant heat barrier coating with insulating properties. The product maintains its high tensile strength and elasticity over a wide range of temperatures. It has a long durability while providing an effective thermal energy barrier. It can be applied directly to hot surfaces without expensive plant shutdown. Ceramic insulation is an insulation which can be applied just like a coating. Ceramic insulations can be used for thermal energy savings, personnel protection, and condensation control. AES, LLC has completed projects from steam piping, hot and cold tanks, metal decking, concrete walls and floors, rotary dryers, bag houses, duct work and much more.

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  • Easy application with standard spray equipment.
  • Can be applied to hot surfaces without shutdown.
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
  • Saves thermal energy and space.
  • Facilitates visual inspection of hot surfaces.
  • Non-combustible and low flame spread.
  • Reduces temperatures in work areas for personnel protection.
  • Chemical Resistant.
  • Protects against corrosion.
  • Sound dampening effect.
  • Limited surface preparation is necessary.
  • Superior adhesion.
  • Outstanding flexibility.
  • Can be top-coated with polyurethane, epoxy and waterborne coatings.
  • Comprehensively tested at independent laboratories.
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