AES, LLC performs a wide range of life safety services such as  fireproofing and fire rating materials for both commercial and industrial applications. AES, LLC is able to fire rate structural steel, decking, tube steel, tank legs, and vessels. AES is an approved applicator for the fire resistant coating Carboline,  and Albi Intumescent and Dri-Clad fireproofing .

AES, LLC has the ability to fire rate unconventional substraits such as wood joists, fiberglass panels, plaster walls, spray applied foam, tin ceiling panels, upgrade gypsum systems and many more assemblies for the commercial building industry. AES, LLC can aide in chosing the correct and most cost effective method of fire rating a structure or component.

With the ever changing regulations concerning passive fire protection it is necessary to have qualified professional contractor to rely on during these projects. AES, LLC. is increasingly called upon by architects and facility engineers to assist in evaluation and planning of fireproofing for their facilities.

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