AES, LLC is able to design, fabricate and install a wide variety of sound reducing partitions, curtains and blankets. We specialize in industrial sound abatement from compressors to large ball mills for the concrete industry. AES, LLC has fabricated custom designed sound blankets for rotary ball mills at the Lehigh Heildelberg Portland Cement Plant. AES, LLC designed and installed rigid perforated sound panels for a compressor in a high traffic area. AES, LLC is also an approved applicator for ThermoCon Acoustical Spray and Pyrok Acoustical Plaster. AES, LLC is an approved applicator of Mascoat’s Delta Db sound deadening spray applied coating. Specifically designed to reduce excessive sound from structural or mechanical noise, Delta Db Sound Damping Coating is a flexible, enviro-friendly coating that bonds directly to a wide range of surfaces. Comprised of noise suppressants encased in an acrylic binder, Delta Db is easily applied via brush, roll or spray methods.

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