Jaxsan has been specifically designed and developed to solve the most common problems associated with conventional membrane and sealing systems.

Most existing membranes require joint details or laps and mechanical or chemical fastening techniques, which generally can be attributed to the membrane’s failure. The Jaxsan system is a monolithic membrane that has no seams and fully bonds to most substrates. It requires no joints, seams or fastening which eliminates the possibility of problems occurring in these areas.

Special Features of the Jaxsan Coatings:

• Jaxsan elasticity and flexibility allow for some movement of the underlying substrate. It is spray applied as a continuous, monolithic and seamless membrane.
• It is cold applied and does not require any potentially dangerous torches or kettles as required with conventional membranes.
• Safe for personnel and applicators
• Solvent free and does not emit any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
• Class “A” Fire Rating
• Cost-effective by cutting down on installation costs.
• Weight @ 60 mils thickness is 4 ounces per square foot
• Atmospheric application temperatures: 45 F to 110F
• 0.8 Reflectance and 0.9 Emittance
• 10/15 Limited Warranty included

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